SoHam Yoga

Yoga is seeing life the way it is. - Swami Kripalu

Why SoHam?

... pronounced <soh ... humm>

This mantra SoHam (or SoHum) stems from Sanskrit and reflects the essence of "I am".

... breathing in with "So"... breathing out with "Ham"...

... breathing in "I"… breathing out "am". 

As Sanskrit is an ancient oral language, translations and interpretations vary. To me the breathing and meditation practice with SoHam has helped me to trust myself, to move away from trying to be someone different, to feel safe in knowing, that what I am and who I am is all that I need to be.  

At SoHam here in Larchmont I strive to offer a safe place for my students to find her/his own yoga, to enjoy the opportunity to take time with themselves, to get to know themselves physically,mentally and emotionally and to walk out of the studio feeling content with who they are. After a class at SoHam I hope that my students lift off their mats with a smile on their face, feeling in balance and at peace with a higher awareness of their body, mind and breath, that they can take into their everyday life. 

Gunda & Yoga

... after developing my practice for 18 years, and becoming Kripalu certified in 2012, I leaped into opening my own space, so that I can give back to students what I have gained from many wonderful teachers;

… sharing my passion for yoga, the physical challenges and its emotional and mental layers;

… embracing the Kripalu philosophy of non-judgement, mindfulness and being present;

… weaving breath with movement and encouraging my students to find their own yoga;

… providing a small, cozy environment with personal attention and mindful assists.